to the website of the Expert Commission of the German Public Corporate Governance-Modelcode!
Here you will find information on the Modelcode, which can be downloaded from this website free of charge, as well as information on the Expert Commission.

Modelcode | Good governance and responsible management in public administrations and state- and municipal-owned enterprises (SOEs) are of particular importance to the state and society. This requires regulation that satisfies all requirements and has sufficient acceptance among all groups of actors. The German Public Corporate Governance-Modelcode (G-PCGM) includes principles for responsible control, management and supervision of and in SOEs that are considered relevant in practice and science as well as references to legal regulations and requirements. As a guideline, the G-PCGM offers systematically developed support for the development or revision of a public corporate governance code in public authorities.

Expert Commission | A high-profile Expert Commission has developed the G-PCGM in an integrative, participatory and transparent process to support public authorities and individual actors at all federal levels and to further strengthen public corporate governance. The members of the Expert Commission shall as far as possible represent all relevant groups of actors from all federal levels who are concerned with public corporate governance and shareholdings management.

Consultations | The development and evaluation process of the G-PCGM also includes consultations. In the consultations, the Expert Commission invites the interested public to submit written comments on the G-PCGM. The Expert Commission will consider these comments in its discussions and publish them on this website. The Expert Commission sincerely thanks the authors of the comments received during the consultation 2020.

Working with the G-PCGM on site in public authorities:

Public corporate governance codes | Since 2005, public authorities in Germany have established various public corporate governance codes (PCGCs). A public corporate governance code prescribes regulations for the management and supervision of enterprises and contains internationally and nationally recognised standards for good and responsible governance. Provided that they have a requirement-based design, public corporate governance codes are widely considered as providing valuable contributions to the management and supervision of